About us


About us

Middle East for Vaccines ( ME VAC )

ME VAC is International Facility For Veterinary Vaccines Production with International Accreditations “ GOOD Manufacturing Practice ( GMP ) , ISO 9001 , ISO 18001 , ISO 14001 “ 

MEVAC officially launched in 2011 with an “Egyptian & American partnership” utilizing the most recent global technologies in the vaccines production with an international quality standards with more than 220 Employees working inside ME VAC

ME VAC is providing its innovative  Products & Services in more than 10 Countries & will reach more than 30 Countries by 2030

Improve animal health by developing high quality veterinary vaccinesProvide veterinary vaccines with affordable pricesContribute to support Egypt & Middle East self-sufficiency in animal vaccines


Our Vision

Ensure safety, potency and efficacy of veterinary vaccines using international technology standards.
To defend the community against the threats of emerging infectious diseases by customizing vaccines for local specific diseases.

Our Mission

ME VAC are committed to the Highest international Quality Standards & Accredited with the Following Certifications :

  • Good Manufacturing Practice ( GMP )
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 18001